The weekend and Christmas/New Years pics

My mom always wonders why her children turned out so differently. Having all of us in the same house with spouses, kids, and pets was definitely an adventure, but I enjoyed it. I mean, they couldn’t all turn out like me. I’m so darn perfect, and my kids are just angels. They just were as sweet as could be and slept in every morning, even Ben. He wouldn’t dream of waking up at four a.m. and yelling at the top of his lungs, first for mom, then dad, and when we didn’t move, for Poppy. He wouldn’t dare go lay in Poppy’s bed at 4:30 a.m. and watch cartoons.

Being home is nice and quiet. I appreciated the kids’ 3-day school week and it looks like we may have another three-day school week as there’s a regular blizzard outside.

Yesterday was fun, as we drove up to Roswell to visit with some friends from Darden, the Taylors. They live in smallest stake (group of LDS wards aka congregations) geographically in the South, so apparently most of the Mormons in Atlanta live in Roswell. Sometimes I wonder if we should move up there, as well.

Our kids played great together, and we had a lot of fun. Before we visited them, Megan asked about their family, because she didn’t remember them.

“Ages?” she inquired.
“I think 7, 5, and 3.”
“Gender?” she asked.
“Boy, girl, girl.”
She sighed and rolled her eyes.
“Take a book if you think you will be bored,” I said.
“You better believe I’m taking a book,” she said. “I’m not playing Barbies with some little girls.”

Well, wouldn’t you know ten minutes after we got there she was playing princesses and Polly Pockets and only came out of four-year-old Kami’s room for dinner. As we ate Domino’s Pizza, Megan said, “Kami acts like a seven-year-old!” and Kami was tickled pink.

The boys are both in kindergarten and had a blast together, and the two-year-olds were good as well. It was the first time taking Ben to a friend’s house and not chasing him around the entire time. He even went up and down their stairs with no problem. We are slowly getting over that hump.

We left their house around 5:30 and headed straight to the church for a baptism of a new family. Christopher and the big kids actually attended the baptism, and I chased Ben around the church. The hallway of our church is a great big oval, with the chapel and gym in the middle and all the classrooms on the outside, so Ben ran about 20 laps around the church during the baptism, and everyone was ready for bed when we got home.

Now, for some SOOC pictures from the holidays.

p.s. Best New Years’ Day exchange goes to Grandma and Caitlin, discussing Obama’s health care plan and/or Hawaiian vacation paid for by taxpayers:
Caitlin: “I hate when people are ignorant.”
Grandma: “So do I.”


5 thoughts on “The weekend and Christmas/New Years pics

  1. ok, those pictures of you and the siblings made my heart so happy. I bet your sweet mama is STILL smiling over them. Y'all might all be different, but you are all just precious. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall hearing those conversations. Cause if I was a non-Mormon fly on the wall, I would have been sipping my wine, and that might have made it even funnier! So glad you got to hang out with the Taylors. Love me some Adria and crew.

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