Frozen Tundra

So Sunday night an unusual snow storm blew in and dumped 4-6 inches of snow on Atlanta. These kinds of storms are rare but not unheard of, and usually the sun comes out the next morning and melts it all. Well, in an unprecedented turn of events, the temperatures all week have been below freezing, and since Atlanta has about five snow plows for the whole city, most of the roads are still covered in ice and slush. School has been cancelled for three days and will likely be cancelled tomorrow, too.

Christopher took Megan and Ben up on the roof to play in the snow on day 1, but we have not played outside since. Today, Christopher and Gavin took a quick run to the grocery store, which is just down the street. Christopher has been able to work from home, which has been so nice, and we have just been chilling for several days. We have played lots of ball with Ben, board games with the kids, and they have watched plenty of TV and played lots of computer.

Thankfully, we are staying warm and everyone is healthy. A bit of cabin fever is nothing to fret about.

Quotes of the week:

Megan: ” “I’m going to go dig my face in a book for a while, okay?”

Megan: “Mom, Jasmine told me her mom is her tooth fairy. Are you my tooth fairy?”
Me, taking her aside: “What do you think?”
Megan: “I just want to know the truth.”
Me: “Then yes, I am.”
Megan, a big smile: “No wonder all my friends get more money than me!”

later, Me: “You are growing up so fast.”
Megan: “It’s okay, Mom. You are beautiful enough to be a fairy to me.”


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