The weekend

Friday morning it took Christopher an hour to drive the five miles to his office. The kids and I avoided the chaos and spent another day cozied up in the house. Saturday we had some friends over to break up the monotony. A few weeks ago I ran into a new girl in the bathroom at church. She looked so familiar and we tried to figure out where we knew each other from. Turns out, we were at the same Bain sell weekend almost three years ago. Her husband joined another consulting firm, and then ended up taking a job in San Diego after b-school at Chicago. But since they are both from Atlanta, he took another consulting job in town and they just moved back.

So new friends Scott and Caroline came over for dinner with Jack (4) and Taylor (almost 2) in tow. I made broccoli cheese soup and salad and they brought bread and an amazing banana pudding for dessert. Caroline seemed self-conscious about bringing banana pudding but I assured her that in the South banana pudding is a legitimate, if not gourmet dessert, especially the way she made it with Nilla wafers, sliced bananas, and strawberries and drizzled chocolate on top. She brought a huge bowl of it and we polished the whole thing off in about five minutes. I’m pretty sure we would have licked the bowl if they weren’t such new friends.

While the men loaded the dishwasher, I got my kids ready for bed and put them down. They gave their kids two iPhones with Dora the Explorer/video games and we played Wits and Wagers, which is a really fun board game. Then they left to catch the second half of the Falcons game, which did not go well.

I love having people over. When they left, our kids were asleep. We had good company and entertainment for the evening, with no extra effort, other than cleaning our house, which I always need to do anyway.

Church was good today. Ben will still not go to nursery without me. His capacity for screaming is off the charts compared to the other kids in there, and I don’t think they are quite sure what to do with him. So I sit in there with him, and every few minutes he runs over and gives me a big hug to make sure I’m still there.

Natalie, the nursery leader, asked if all my kids were like this. Yes, my kids are all very attached toddlers. I’m not really worried about it, though, because Megan was the same way, and at about 2 1/2 a switch flipped and she was like, “See ya, Mom!” in any situation. Gavin is even now still a little clingy. Maybe it’s a boy thing. They just love their mama.


4 thoughts on “The weekend

  1. We had new friends over last night too! It was so fun. They have a baby named Luke who is exactly a year younger than Atticus. They brought delicious peach cobbler with whipped cream. Mmmm.

  2. I can't believe you guys still have no school. What kind of books is Megan into these days? We're just coming out of a deep freeze and I'm glad because -20 for 2 weeks means my car has the shimmies with all the snow packed in the wheel wells. So it can all melt now and I can drive over 50mph without getting my brain rattled. 🙂

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