Christopher is right in saying I don’t acknowledge him much on my blog. So here goes:

Christopher has been a huge help lately. This morning alone he folded Laundry Mountain in our bedroom, cleaned the rest of the room and vacuumed. He also unloaded the dishwasher and gave Ben lots of love. Every night he has been home in time to put Ben to bed and play Phase 10 with Gavin. He has also started supervising Megan’s evening piano practice in a way that would make a Chinese mother proud.

One reason Christopher has had extra time to spend with the family is–wait for it–he quit his job! His last case at his consulting firm was just too much. After weeks of 15-, 18-, even 20-hour days, he got tired. After months of it, he got sick. Eventually, he decided it was his last case, and we started considering our options. Thankfully, his company has a “transition” period. His last day of work is Friday, then he gets 11 weeks full pay and benefits. He is actively searching for the “perfect” job, and already has received several offers. A few of these opportunities have been in Seattle. He’s flying out there soon for interviews. So it looks like we may be headed back.

I am happy to move back to Seattle. I always felt we’d end up back there eventually, and at this point, sooner rather than later is fine with me. When things become more official I’ll discuss more the pros and cons of leaving the South and going back to the Pacific Northwest.

But for now, things are once again moving. You can’t call us boring. One good thing about us is, if something in our life is not working, we change it. We don’t wait. Hopefully our next transition will go smoothly.

And here’s a picture of Megan, just because:


9 thoughts on “Help

  1. Claire has those same pj's! Love them. I must say it sounds like it is a good thing that Christopher quit. 20 hour days would make anyone get sick! And 11 weeks of pay that sounds pretty fabulous. You definitely are not boring. Not in the least bit.

  2. haha Caitlin.I think the house down the street is being repo-ed. I'll have to get more info but in the meantime, I have a list of houses for you one neighborhood over.And I really want to see your pros and cons list.

  3. well, I'll put my plug in for Kirkland, specifically our ward in the Totem Lake area. First off, I'd be around to help you out with your kids during your pregnancy…second, we live in an awesome area with really easy access to Seattle, the eastside, up north, etc…third, we are great friends that just need another reason to be even better friends…fourth, our kids would get along great….fifth…do I need another reason? Seriously, we'd so love to have you nearer, even if that means just within an hour or two. Hope those jobs pan out!!!!!!

  4. I was so surprised to see you might be headed back this way! You guys thinking about coming back to the old house? We'd love you guys back in the ward. I hope Christopher is able to find a job he loves that lets him be home more. Sorry to hear you are feeling so sick. Any chance it will let up before the baby is here?

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