Rabbit, Rabbit

I have this goal to post every day in February. Really, it’s a lofty goal considering my situation.

Luckily, Gavin let me pull his tooth out today, so I have something to write about. The tooth had been loose for months and hanging on by a thread for weeks and finally he let me pull it. I barely gripped the thing and it popped right out. The permanent tooth is already visible.

Then he took a self-portrait.

For the record, pulling teeth exacerbates nausea. So does changing dirty diapers and parenting boys in general.

Time: Two Hours Ago
Location: Bathtub

Ben stands up and pees. Sits down, proceeds to drink the bathwater.
Gavin gets in the tub, proceeds to drink the bathwater.
Me: “I wouldn’t do that. Ben peed in there.”
Gavin, grinning: “So did I!”

Future Bear Grylls times two?


2 thoughts on “Rabbit, Rabbit

  1. Gross! Gavin kept peeing in the tub when Atticus was in with him too… I guess I'm too much of a rookie mother to appreciate it. I quickly proceeded to take him out.

  2. Sounds vaguely familiar. If you write every day in February it is going to be a happy month for me. Tell Chris good job stepping it up on the home front. And good job for following his gut and heart on the career. If I worked full time I'd for sure want to be happy with something I had to do every day. Sorry you have such crappy pregnancies. At least you get cool kids!

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