Ben’s two-year checkup

Thursday was Ben’s two-year checkup. He is 28 pounds (50th percentile) and 37 inches (over 95th percentile). Using the “double the height when they’re two” rule, he will be 6’2” as an adult. Just like Jimmer.

He was a pretty good boy at his checkup and didn’t even cry for his one shot–Hep A. He was wheezing a little, despite being on antibiotics, so we started breathing treatments later that day.

His appointment was so quick I was able to walk over to my OB-GYN after. They wanted to see me for an ultrasound, which took about 90 seconds (yep, there’s a baby in there!), and a consultation with the OB nurse, which took forever. “I went into labor at 29, 28 and 27. I delivered at 34, 36, 38. The abruption was with the first. The hemorrhage was with the second. My full-term baby was the sickest. Yes, let’s do 17P shots. I’m not supposed to lift anything over 25 pounds? Yeah, he’s 28 pounds. Yes, I’m nauseous. He’s not going to break that, is he? Oh wait, he’s trying to draw on the table. Yes, I realize I have my hands full, but it’s too late now.”

I rewarded myself with a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and a nap.


6 thoughts on “Ben’s two-year checkup

  1. I'm glad you are obsessed with Jimmer, cause I am too.Loved the commentary on the OB consultation. Just wait until you start showing and you have all the other kids with you. Fun fun.

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