Gavin’s 6th Birthday

Gavin turned six last Friday, and had a great day. At 9 a.m. I took cupcakes and grapes to his classroom for snack. They ate the grapes and saved the cupcakes for after lunch. Gavin was wearing a birthday crown and all his friends were excited it was his birthday. As they left to go to a special (music/gym/French/art/etc.), Gavin requested a song (#4) and his teacher put on a KidzBop version of “Dynamite”. The kids danced and sang, and they knew all the words. In my haste to get the cupcakes there, I forgot the cameras. It was too bad, because they were so cute, and his classroom had a wall of windows for great light. Next time.

After school, Gavin had his first major birthday party at Mighty Jumps with 16 of his classmates! I was surprised when I invited the entire class, 22 kids, and almost all of them could attend! The party was a lot of fun, and easy but exhausting for Christopher and I. The exhausting part was mainly Benjamin. I used a Groupon to pay for the party–$50 for 16 kids, which included admission, a party space, plates/napkins/utensils and juice boxes. And we ordered pizza from Domino’s. And I baked cupcakes. And that was it.

It was enough, or so I thought. There was one other party at the same time as ours, in the party space next to us. She was turning seven, and her name was Kensington. Those kids had party hats. And balloons. And noise makers. And goody bags (I got some flack for that.)

On the table were little crystal bowls of colorful candy. The cupcakes were arranged on a spiral tower. Kensington did not blow out a normal candle; no, she had a sparkler (great idea, by the way!) The pizza was eaten off silver platters with doilies. And there were three giant crystal, silver-rimmed (or was it platinum) bowls of snacks. One was chips. One was Cheetos. And one, to Megan’s dismay, was filled with raspberries and blueberries. I’m pretty sure at some point Megan asked Kensington’s mom if she could have some. Classic Megan. And classic Buckhead.

After Gavin’s party we opened the gifts at home. He got a lot of fun presents–games, toys, and Legos. Cash from the grandparents. It was definitely a great birthday for Gavin.


3 thoughts on “Gavin’s 6th Birthday

  1. You know, you won't find a bigger snob than me…but I am just going to tell you that this whole let's fly the tribe of Disney Princesses in for an 8 year olds birthday party is flat out crazy.Back in my day, even the rich folk had joint birthday parties with siblings, ate Domino's pizza, and played pin the tail on whatever mama could round up in her rush to get out the door.And for the record, those parties were dang fun.

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