Beautiful Weather and Pneumonia

The week’s good news: Temperatures hovered in the high 60s and low 70s and we spent every afternoon at the playground except Monday.

The bad: We were at the pediatrician three times.

Monday Megan and Gavin were coughing. The doctor told me to keep doing what I was doing, which was giving them regular breathing treatments and oral steroids, which I keep on hand. Gavin had an especially rough time, and two nights in a row I gave him the good stuff–hydrocodone cough syrup.

Tuesday Megan insisted on going back to school, I think just for the valentines. She was mad she didn’t get them ON Valentine’s Day. “They are not just paper cards,” she insisted when I told her getting healthy was the most important thing. “They are appreciation from my best friends.” Gavin stayed home, more from laziness than sickness, I think.

Wednesday I made Gavin go to school, despite his tearful protests that he was sick. He went to the nurse as soon as he got to school and complained he was sick, but as soon as she mentioned that his teacher saved his Valentine’s candy for him he went back to class with no more complaints. We played at the park all afternoon, although Megan seemed extra grumpy.

Wednesday night Megan took a turn for the worse, and I ended up taking her to the pediatrician first thing in Thursday morning with no appointment. I called on the way and said, “I’m coming, squeeze us in.” They saw us remarkably quickly, and it turned out she had pneumonia. They prescribed Augmentin.

A few hours later when I talked to my mom, she was appalled that she just had Augmentin for pneumonia (as opposed to a Rocefin shot) and that they didn’t do anything else considering her O2 sats had been 91. So I called the doctor’s office. My doctor was in the hospital nursery but he called me as soon as I got home and we talked about my (my mom’s) concerns. He advised me to give her a super-dose of steroids and bring her in first thing the next morning.

As soon as the had the steroids, she seemed much better. Also, as the Augmentin kicked in and dried up some of that fluid in her lungs, she started breathing much easier and coughing less.

Thankfully, Christopher returned from Seattle late Thursday night. I had made the mistake of telling Gavin he was getting home at 10, and Gavin managed to keep himself awake until Christopher got home at 10:22. Christopher had three job interviews and all went well. We are looking forward to receiving an offer, two, or maybe even three, and then making some decisions.

I had Megan at the pediatrician at 8:15 this morning, and her O2 sats were back to 97. Dr. Roe and I decided the steroids were necessary and we are going to wean her off them over the next two weeks or so. Whatever she has is pretty “recalcitrant”, he said.

In the afternoon the boys and I went to the park again. Megan actually wanted to come but I told her to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet with her daddy.

My new favorite playground is at Gavin’s school. His school is a brand new “primary center”, a separate “campus” just for the kindergartners and first graders. With only parent donations, they transformed a dirt field into a gorgeous playground, basketball court, and artificial turf soccer field in less than a year. It’s amazing. Deep pockets, I tell you. What’s sad is that many children in Atlanta Public Schools don’t have playgrounds, because the district doesn’t pay for them. They get fields and balls, but only the schools with money get this:

My favorite parts of the playground include:
1. Fully fenced in with only one gate for Ben to escape through.
2. Kids can ride Razor scooters on basketball court.
3. Swings are low enough for Gavin to get himself started.
4. Ben can manage the entire climbing structure and all the slides all by himself.


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