Falling into Place

Things are falling into place around here, and I’ve never been more exhausted. Well, I’m probably just tired because poor Ben caught another cold! Christopher said, “We had healthy kids for, what, 5 days?”

So we are moving out of our Atlanta place on April 30 and are hoping to sign a lease soon on a house in Sammamish, WA starting May 1. We are not sure how we are going to get all our stuff out there, but I do know that I will be flying with the kids and at least one other adult, either Christopher or my mom.

We were hoping to stay until the kids finished school here, but we decided the chances of me getting stuck on bed rest here were greater the longer we stayed, so we’re going to go ahead and get me out there and established with a doctor, hopefully the same practice who delivered Gavin, who I really like.

Other than that, things are just chugging along. Megan and Gavin had a great day at school. Ben took a dismal nap, and he was so cranky and sick we sadly skipped the park. The weather was gorgeous, too. But staying home meant an early dinner and bedtimes, which is always welcome. Ben went to bed at 6:30, and Gavin made his lunch and got ready for bed and went down at 7. It’s almost 7:30 now and Megan still has to finish making her lunch, shower, and practice piano. She is my slow one.

I love to see what the kids put in their lunches. Their lunches are more creative and over time, probably more healthful than the lunches I pack. Tonight Gavin packed himself a PB&J on “delicious smelling whole wheat bread”, a hard-boiled egg, and grapes. Megan packed PB & honey, grapes, and red pepper sticks. They both have refillable water bottles. Last night Gavin packed himself deli chicken wrapped in a tortilla, “hummus to dip it in”, and carrots. I’m glad I delegated the lunch-making to them; they seem to enjoy it. I’m also glad they like to eat balanced meals. Right now I feel like some of my most important jobs are teaching my kids: 1. the gospel 2. how to read and to love learning and 3. to like healthy foods. Of course there are a million other things to teach them, but I’m best at exposing them to gospel knowledge, book-learnin’, and food.


4 thoughts on “Falling into Place

  1. yeah, can't wait to see you! we'll help out any way we can. what job did he accept? I can't believe you got a place in Sammamish this early–when we were looking last year, it was so difficult to find a place >30 days in advance. Is it near your cousin? Let me know what I can do for you guys!

  2. wait, didn't dr. dame deliver Gavin? You'd have to be moving to Chelan to make that work again! Congrats on moving back to WA! Come visit us anytime!! We'd love to see u!Can you help in advice on how to get my kids to not be such PICKY eaters!!!

  3. I didn't know you were moving back to Washington. We live in Redmond. What part of Sammamish are you moving to? Half of Sammamish is in our stake.

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