Weekend with Grammy

While Christopher was selling EFX bracelets at the Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Sports Festival in Columbus, OH this weekend, my mom drove from Columbia to visit!

It was so wonderful having Grammy around. Some notables:

1. The first thing Ben said when he saw my mom was, “Where’s Poppy?” Seriously, that kid asks for his Poppy once a day. I always say, “Sorry, Poppy’s in South Carolina.” And Ben says, “Please?” As in, can we please go see Poppy?

2. My mom loves to shop, which worked out perfectly because I needed maternity clothes and Megan needed summer clothes. We hit one of my mom’s favorites, Macy’s, and she bought Megan and I lots of cute clothes. I’m trying to figure out a way to pay off her Macy’s card. Because really, she doesn’t need to buy us stuff. We love her anyway.

3. I bought a roast just so Mom could cook it on Sunday. I have gotten pretty good but Mom’s is just amazing and I can’t figure out the trick. Extra love, I guess.

4. Mom introduced me to a new TV show: Lie to Me. Good one.

5. Ben would not even stay in nursery with his Grammy. He will not be in nursery unless I am sitting in there! Stinker.

6. I thought several times to get out the camera and take some pictures of Grammy with the kids but forgot. Oh, well, we are headed to Columbia for Spring Break next month so we’ll have to take lots of pictures then.


3 thoughts on “Weekend with Grammy

  1. 1. Our nursery leader is FABULOUS! Fyi2. Are you sure your mom doesn't need to come out with you, because I'd be thrilled to buy all the food for everyone is "Grammy" does all the cooking. Just saying. I sure do miss her roast.

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