30 Day Challenge

Because my brain is mush when I am pregnant (especially nauseous, 15 weeks today and still threw up this morning!), and because I’m having so much fun reading Robyn’s posts, I am going to do the 30 day challenge. This is a fun way for me to keep blogging even when I feel yuck and Megan and Gavin won’t stop fighting and Ben won’t keep throwing himself on the floor and army crawling away from me.

Which reminds me, before I start the 30 day challenge, I should share a good Ben story. For the past year or so, I have been going to the chiropractor for adjustments. For the first ten minutes, I lay on my stomach and two little electrical pulses go on my shoulders and sort of massage them before my adjustment. Benjamin, especially when he was smaller, would sit and watch. Now I take snacks, but lately not even a bag of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch will keep him quiet.

A few weeks ago, I was doing my “muscle stimulation” and Ben was in an umbrella stroller. In one swift motion, he flipped himself over in the stroller, and army crawled, with the the stroller strapped on his back, over to the controls on the electrical pulse things. And he turned the knob all the way to high.

Despite a massive electrical jolt on my shoulders, I had the presence of mind to reach down and turn the whole thing off. Needless to say, it was the last time I take Ben to the chiropractor.

Okay, now time for the 30 day challenge.

30 Day Challenge
Day 01 — A favorite song
Day 02 — A favorite movie
Day 03 — 20 favorite things.
Day 04 — A favorite book
Day 05 — A favorite quote
Day 06 — A fun fact about me
Day 07 — A piece of art
Day 08 — Something I crave
Day 09 — Pet peeves
Day 10 — A photo of me taken over ten years ago
Day 11 — A photo of me taken recently
Day 12 — Something I bought recently
Day 13 — A talent of mine
Day 14 — Some place i want to go
Day 15 — My celebrity crush
Day 16 — A favorite food
Day 17 — My worst habit
Day 18 — Dream house
Day 19 — My future wedding
Day 20 — A hobby of mine
Day 21 — A favorite recipe
Day 22 — A favorite joke
Day 23 — A video
Day 24 — My day in great detail
Day 25 — A favorite photo
Day 26 — A funny (true) story
Day 27 — A child I love
Day 28 — A place I love
Day 29 — A person I love
Day 30 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days


3 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

  1. one word about the chiropractor visit with ben…DANG. Ouch might be a good one too. Can I steal the 30 days idea? It will hopefully get me out of my blogging slump.

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