Day 4 – A Favorite Book

All time favorite fiction book. Can’t decide between A Tree Grows in Brooklyn or The Chosen. If you haven’t read both, I suggest you do so immediately.

The kids have had a lot of fun lately. Megan and Gavin had a half day yesterday and a friend invited us to go to Chuck E Cheese with them. They had a blast, but I’m good for another five years or so. We didn’t take Ben, thankfully. Chasing him around would have worn me out. I was worn out anyway.

The Atlanta Stake hosted a Relief Society luncheon today, with talks and testimonies about the temple. It was wonderful. There were so many in attendance they had to set up more tables and line the walls with chairs. There was plenty of good food, and the speakers were great, especially our stake president, Tony Parker. He spoke about the importance of temple attendance and how we can make our homes sacred places like temples. He talked about how those who are married should encourage our husbands to go with us. He closed with, “If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” I am looking forward to the temple open house and rededication. It’s too bad we won’t be around to visit it after!

In the afternoon Christopher went to his going away party, which he planned for himself and five friends. It included go-carts and arcade games. I took the kids to the park, where it was gorgeous, and ran them ragged. Well, I sat and watched them run themselves ragged.


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