Day 6 – A fun fact about me

This one is hard. A fun fact? Um, I’m a really big nerd. There’s no getting around it, but I will say that being a nerdy adult is way more fun and comfortable than being a nerdy adolescent.

Today was cold and rainy. The wee morning hours were rough. Gavin climbed in bed with me after a bad dream. Christopher had fallen asleep on the sofa next to our bed. Ben woke up a little while later needing a diaper change and a drink of water. Megan came in soon after complaining of chills and fever, and went to my bathroom and threw up and then went back to bed. First time having a kid throw up in the middle of the night and I didn’t get out of bed. That has to be some kind of milestone.

The doctor said Megan’s lungs and ears and everything were clear and she didn’t need any medicine other than breathing treatments, but he called after work to check on her because of her history. Maybe he was regretting not treating her more aggressively, like with antibiotics. At any rate, I’m hoping she’ll be able to fight off yet another cold-turned-cough and avoid steroids this time. I’m less than optimistic.


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