Day 08 — Something I crave

Conversation in the back of the car:

Megan, to Jasmine: “My mom doesn’t really like junk food. Actually, she likes it, she just doesn’t buy it. She LOVES Salt & Vinegar Lays. But she only rarely buys them.”

Salt and vinegar potato chips. Something I would eat all the time, the one food I could eat even when I’m pregnant sick. So I don’t buy them very often, because that’s my healthy eating philosophy. Don’t buy the junk food you crave.

However, now that I am pregnant, they are definitely back on the shopping list.


Spring is blooming in Atlanta. We played at the park today after school, just like every sunny day. I won a $900 travel system in an online contest, and now I’m watching some BYU basketball. Let’s hope the luck o’ the Irish is with the Cougars as well!


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