Day 13 — A talent of mine

I think I have a talent for making friends. Surrounding myself with kindred spirits. This isn’t a talent I’ve always had. I had to work on it. Like many things, I approached it academically. Reading How to Win Friends and Influence People was part of my education. Or observing popular people. Not high-school popular, but popular adults. What makes people gravitate to other people?

The answer is simple: talk about yourself less (unless you are blogging). Be nice. Be honest. It’s not too hard, and I think I’m getting better at it. Sometimes I wish I could go back and school my 12-year-old self. High school would have been a lot easier.

I went to the OB and perinatologist today. The OB didn’t really do anything (see you in 4 weeks!) and the perinatologist ultrasounded me for a good half hour. My cervix is still closed and long (4 cm) and baby boy looks “gorgeous”. He was moving around so much it was hard to get his measurements, and the ultrasound tech called him “uncooperative”, so I’m sure he’ll fit right in. TWICE, after I had cleaned up, and once when I had made it to the door, they called me back in to look at his femur. The computer was flagging the measurements. I asked what it meant, and the doctor said if it was normal, I’d be back in 4 weeks, if it was outside normal limits, I’d come back in two. The last time she came back in, slightly distraught, and said, “Normal is .9, and his ratio is .89.”

I blinked. “I’ll see you in 4 weeks,” I said.

Isn’t he precious? About 30 seconds after this picture was taken, Ben drew on his face with a blue Sharpie. Ah, two year olds.


3 thoughts on “Day 13 — A talent of mine

  1. The thought of you reading that book has me so tickled. And also earns you the title of one of my nerdiest friends. And I say that with a lot of love, because you are also one of my favorite friends. Love those sweet Crocs on that precious boy.

  2. Funny- the other day I was thinking that you'd do just fine making new friends here, you seem to do it so well and easily every time you move. I think its funny that you feel its a trait you have worked on and acquired. You seem to do it so naturally.and- I love Ben's knees in that pic. so typical little boy.

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