The Benny’s Speech

Yes, I will blog about our vacation, and finish my 30 Days of Blogging, but I just have to tell you that my 2-year-old is in the cutest talking stage ever.

I can understand him almost all the time now, and we have great little conversations, but here are the things he says that I love the most.

Ben: “I’m a thirsty boy. I need water now.”
Me: “How do you ask nicely?”
Ben: “Pleeeeeease?”
Me: “Here you go.”
Ben: “Thank you Mama!”

One word he says all the time is nothing, which sounds like “Nuffing!” He says it when you ask, “Benjamin, what are you doing?” Be assured, he is never doing nothing.

He also likes to declare, “No thanks!” As in, “Time for bed, Ben.” “No fanks!”

I love it when he says, “That’s so nice!” Like when you give him a drink, or wrap him up in a warm towel when you get him out of the bathtub.

And lots of things are “So cute!” Babies, bugs, and everything in between.

Food can be either, “So nummy!” or “Gross”. He also learned “Disgusting!”

And he likes to ask lots of questions. “What’s that?” “Where are you going?” “What are you doing?” “What are you eating?” and “What movie is this?” are very common.

And Christopher was tickled when we drove to the park on Sunday afternoon and Ben shouted from the backseat:

“Are we there yet?!”

Update: I forgot a few other favorites.

When he wakes up, “I had a nice sleep.” This is a wonderful thing to hear at seven a.m. or after a long nap. Not so much when it’s pitch black outside.

After he’s done eating, “My tummy is full.” Again, nice when the plate is clean. Not as nice when he just hands you his dinner back.


4 thoughts on “The Benny’s Speech

  1. I think the newly talking phase is my favorite. Everything that comes out of their mouth just sounds so adorable. And YES my sister has been on a mission in Atlanta — yesterday was her last day there (because she is technically serving at temple square — this was our outbound). Crazy you saw her! Crazier still is that her Atlanta mission president turned out to be our best friends in NY's dad.

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