Sinus infection

Last weekend I had the privilege of being an usher for the Atlanta Temple Open House. I was asked to be a tour guide, but decided I didn’t want to be on my feet for four hours, so I asked if there was a sitting usher position, and they found a place for me, watching the video rooms, where the tour started, and sending new tour guides to pick up tour groups when the rooms were empty.

I was content sitting there, smiling at the crowds when they passed, and sending the tour guides to the different rooms, where they showed a short video about our temples and the history of the church in Georgia before taking the groups through the temple.

Then, the coordinator, a friend of ours, said, “Hey, Sister Richins, would you mind some company? Sister Smith (name changed to protect the ignorant) has a cold and wants to help but can’t lead the tours.”

So, I should have been a bit more assertive. I was afraid to be rude. I hardly knew Sister Smith, other than she was about my age and just moved here. She was also sneezing and sniffling into a snotty handkerchief.

I said, “Wow, if you are sick, you should just go home. I can handle this.” She didn’t take the hint. I ascertained that her husband and her had driven separately, so she wasn’t waiting for him.

I told her she should go home several times. If I could do it over, I would have bluntly said, “I don’t want your germs, please leave so I don’t get sick!”

Christopher says it was partially my fault for not leaving myself.

At any rate, two days later I came down with the cold. A few days after that, a painful sinus infection. I called my OB for a z-pack and the nurse rudely blew me off. I went to a wonderful urgent care facility that night and received a prescription for the antibiotics without any problem. Now, on my third day of meds, I’m feeling a whole lot better. I still have a slight pain on one side of my face, but nothing like the throbbing I had a few days ago.

I also told my OB how annoyed I was, and she said she was sorry and would have called me in a prescription, the nurse just had a “customer service failure.”

So many lessons learned.


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