Time to catch up

It’s time to catch up the blog. I know, you are too excited.

Let’s start with today, which was rather productive. I saw both my doctors. I went to the OB at 8:45, who said, “Well, I don’t really need to do anything” and sent me on my way. Next, I stopped at the perinatologist. She was running late, and there were two couples in front of me (am I the only one who consistently attends my doctor’s appointments without my husband?) Eventually, the tech took me back and performed an ultrasound on the baby and my cervix. My cervix is holding nicely at 4 cm and the baby looks great. I have been feeling so much pressure, I was worried my cervix would start to shorten, and then I saw why. The boy is essentially sitting on it. He’s curled his whole little body, butt down, right on my cervix. He has tons and tons of headroom, but for some reason wants to squeeze himself as low as possible. Both my mom and Christopher suggested I hang upside down for a while. I’m actually considering it.

After the technician said everything looked great, I didn’t wait around for the doctor. I was the surprise reader in Gavin’s class. I ran by the pediatrician’s office (and all three doctors are in different buildings, so I was navigating quite the maze) to get the kids immunization forms. Three pieces of paper, and they charged me a $10 per child “yearly records fee.” I pitched a fit, and they just looked at me, so I paid the $30 for three pieces of paper printed from a computer and then requested my kids’ entire records mailed to me–to get my money’s worth.

Reading at Gavin’s class was so fun. Gavin is so sweet at school, even more so than home, and he loved the attention. His teacher, Mrs. Guttery, was also kind enough to pose the kids for a class photo.

I stayed and watched Gavin eat his lunch. He ate so methodically, one food at a time. First, the pears, then the carrots, and last, his jelly sandwich. Usually, he makes his own lunch, but when I sent him to bed last night, his lunch container was still in the dishwasher, so he wrote me a list. I took a picture of it because I was amazed at how impeccable the spelling was. I still have a hard time spelling “carrots”.

I came home and ate lunch and made some phone calls. I paid our first COBRA health insurance premium. It’s as much as a house payment. Luckily, Christopher’s company is paying about half of it, but it is still a very significant monthly bill, about $500/month more than we were paying at his old company. At least we get to keep our “good” insurance, although, at this point, good is relative. All I know, is I have access to excellent doctors and I hope it stays that way. After our housing, though, health costs are our greatest expense. Like, twice as much as groceries, and we spend a lot on groceries.

Anyway, Christopher was working in our bedroom, so I took a short nap in Megan’s bed. The kids got home from school, Ben woke up, and I was still groggy. I decided I would lose it if I had to keep Ben out of trouble at home, so I told the kids to get on their shoes and we went to the park. Sue had just dropped Julia off at the speech therapy school, which is next door to our apartment building, so we went to the playground there. We had never been, and it was fun, but eventually several of the kids had meltdowns and I was at my wits’ end. Luckily, I had made a pan of enchiladas, so they just had to bake when we got home. As soon as dinner was over, I bathed the boys and put Ben to bed, Megan got in the shower, and Christopher went back to work, as it is still business hours in Seattle.

And that was my productive day.


One thought on “Time to catch up

  1. We are paying Cobra right now too – $1550 a month – and no help from the company. Ugh. Hopefully once this baby comes and Porter has his surgery we can find a private plan. It's KILLING us!

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