Myrtle Beach

Backing up to Spring Break. We went to North Myrtle Beach with my parents and Ethan.

The drive seemed to take forever. Maybe because we listened to the 2005 GPS. Maybe because we ate a leisurely lunch at Five Guys. Maybe because Ben didn’t take a nap in the car, again.

At any rate, we got there Monday evening and got setup in the condo. It was kind of old and a little bit gross, but it was a very inexpensive, last minute kind of thing. Myrtle Beach, in general, was a lot more ghetto than we remembered.

As soon as we got there, we hit the beach. It was freezing. Megan actually went in the water, and Ben just ran and ran. On the way home, we passed like five random pizza places and picked one. It was gross. I taught my parents about online reviews on Trip Advisor.

My parents had a king bed and Gavin slept on an air mattress on their floor. Megan and I had a set of twin beds and Ben was in the Pack n Play with us. Ethan was downstairs on a sleeper sofa. All in all, it was a comfortable arrangement. If only Ben hadn’t woken up every single morning at 5:30 a.m. Pitch black. Oh, and he decided to start climbling out of the Pack n Play. With impunity. He didn’t just climb out and come over to my bed. No, he’s climb out and go downstairs. If the front door didn’t dead bolt, he would have been gone.

The second night we read online reviews and went to Calabash, NC for seafood. We ate all the fried fish, shrimp, oysters, and scallops we could handle, plus french fries, hush puppies, and deviled crab. Completely unhealthy, but the seafood was so fresh and tasty, as it was caught just a few blocks away.

The best part of the whole vacation was probably that the resort had an indoor pool, in a sort of greenhouse, and the water was a good 80 degrees. All three kids swam and swam and loved every minute.

I also enjoyed my parents’ nostalgic drives through various neighborhoods. We saw the spot where my great-grandmother’s house used to be, the house where my dad proposed, the old motel where my mom stayed as a teenager (old even then!), right next to the old wooden roller coaster, the Swamp Fox.

The second day/third night we were there, Mom and I hit the outlets. Megan was the sole beneficiary. She has been growing like crazy lately, and she got two new pair of shoes from the Stride Rite outlet and some outfits from Gymboree. She has gone up a full shoe size since Christmas. Also, we hit the Hartstrings outlet for age-appropriate Sunday/Easter attire. They had some gorgeous dresses and go up to a size 14! We bought two beautiful spring dresses for Megan in a size 10 or 12, and between those and the white “Georgia”-style Stride Rite sandals, she will look like a little girl for at least one more season.

That night I convinced my mom that we should not go out to eat. One, I don’t like eating out with my kids (Ben) at restaurants with waiters, and two, there were just not many good spots to eat in Myrtle Beach. Sadly. So we got a rotisserie chicken and some potatoes to bake, and it was delicious.

After the third night, with Ben waking up so early again, my dad, Ethan, and I conspired to go home to Columbia. My mom was annoyed but resigned and while my dad took Megan and Gavin swimming we packed up the whole condo. It wasn’t too much work, but you know, enough.

When my dad got home, and saw that my mom was mad, and that the weather actually had warmed up quite a bit, he changed his mind.

I swear, they went back and forth for like two hours. Finally, we decided to stay. I put Ben and myself down for a long, luxurious nap and everyone else went to the beach.

That night, my mom was set on going to Medieval Times for their dinner and show. My dad could have cared less and volunteered to stay home with Ben, which I didn’t mind a bit, and Ethan would not go because his window for housing registration at BYU opened at 5 p.m. and he didn’t trust anyone else to snatch up the exact room he wanted. (He had to live in J Hall, which he has dubbed Jimmer Hall.)

So my mom and I took Megan and Gavin to Medieval Times, and it was a really fun experience. The food was plentiful, even if I prefer eating with utensils, and the show exceeded my expectations. Megan and Gavin really got into it as we cheered for our red knight. Megan screamed so loud he threw her a flower at one point.

The whole experience was a bit like Disney. You go for the experience, but it’s a complete money drain. When we got there, they were selling all kinds of souvenirs and trinkets, and people were buying them up left and right. I told Megan and Gavin, “We are here for dinner and the show”. We are not buying a bunch of stuff.

Ha. Grammy was there. Gavin ended up with a red flag. It was only $5, but for me, it was the principle of it. I told my mom she could spoil them, because she’s the grandma. It’s her prerogative. However, that night when I put Gavin to bed, I asked him about the night. He said, “I like my flag. I can’t believe begging worked.” Ha! I asked him if begging worked on us, and he said, “Sometimes on you. Like once a year on Dad.” I relayed the conversation to my mom, and told her she was welcome to continue spoiling them, but she needed to know that they were playing her!

You know, I don’t think she minds.


4 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach

  1. what fun. Your dad looks so young! i've been craving some good seafood and reading this post made me want some even more. i need to go to the OBX and get me some crab

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