Day of Recovery

The day started by dropping off Megan and Gavin at school. When we dropped Gavin off, Ben yelled, “Benny go school too!” to which Gavin replied, “Sorry, Benny, you are too young.” to which Ben yelled, “No fair!”

Ben must have worn himself out yesterday, because he was surprisingly docile today. More like a normal child. He took a long nap and caused minimal destruction. Maybe it helped that we didn’t venture out in public today. I just couldn’t handle it. Instead, we sat at home and ate a lot and watched some TV and packed some boxes and Ben played with his plastic golf clubs. In the afternoon, Megan and Gavin came home and we watched the weird weather and dyed Easter eggs and watched more PBS Kids.

A water main broke nearby and we got a note from our management that the city was shutting off the water, so I filled the bathtubs a few inches for toilet flushing and a pot for boiling some pasta. Our water never fully stopped running, perhaps because we are on the lower level of a large building, but the kids only got sponge baths. Oh, and Christopher’s suggestion of you know, not letting Ben drink a bunch of a water before bed, was, I admit, perfect advice.

We had bowtie lasagna, salad, and leftover green beans for dinner. For family night, we split a large chocolate bunny, sang Primary songs, and talked about our move and the temple dedication this weekend. Then Christopher wound up the kids shooting them with Nerf guns (Ben: “Nice shot, Dad!”) and then they had minor but brief meltdowns when we put them to bed. Everyone was exhausted.


4 thoughts on “Day of Recovery

  1. Meltdowns are so much nicer when they are minor and brief. I absolutely love the days when Boss acts like a normal child, although I am glad they aren't all that often as I would surely get bored!Glad you had a lowkey day.

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