Happy Birthday to me!

Thank goodness for Facebook, or I would not have even known it was my birthday today. Just kidding. Christopher called me from London first thing this morning. The day was kind of boring, as I’m trying to stay down as much as possible now, and Capella was around to take care of just about everything, from getting the big kids off to school to bathing Ben to cooking dinner to making my birthday treat to cleaning the kitchen. It’s nice having a wife, although I miss having the ability and energy to do it myself.

Birthday presents? Hmmm, I got a new vacuum cleaner, an Oreck. I ordered another DSLR today, so rest assured there will be pictures again soon, even if they are all from my living room for now. My mother-in-law got me a zulily gift card, so I can buy more fun baby stuff. And just being settled in the house, with everyone relatively happy and healthy, is a gift.

I got this picture from Gavin’s new kindergarten teacher today. The boy in the orange shirt is Shay’s son Dalton and the boy behind Gavin is his buddy Jacob, who lives on the street behind us. I think out of the 11 kids in the class, 5 are Mormon, and ironically, the teacher’s name is Mrs. Moorman. The area isn’t that heavily LDS, just the AM/PM kindergarten classes. We notoriously cheap Mormons are apparently not paying for full-day kindergarten.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Happy birthday to you! Wow, you sure have had a go of it. The move sounded, well, stressful. You cracked me up that you kept calling them the nice family with 5 girls. Too funny. So sorry about the lice. When we lived in Tahiti, we all got it several times. What a pain. I am so glad that you have Christopher's cousin to help, but hopefully bed rest can be avoided.

  2. Oh gosh, I'm thinking I might could handle being pregnant just one more time if I could get a wife out of the deal. Kidding, of course, but that does sound nice. Listen, I haven't met a lazy Mormon yet, so I realize this taking it easy part might be a bit difficult for you. BUT don't knock it til you've tried it. It really is a wonderful thing in moderation. I know from experience.

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