Goodbye May

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in Seattle and you wouldn’t really know it by the jeans and jackets we are sporting. The spring has been unseasonably cool and wet, with temps still struggling to break 60 every day! As much as I miss the pool and am sad I’m not sitting by it with a grilled hot dog right now, the Seattle weather is not too bad. I forgot how sporadic it is, and how as soon as it stops raining everyone goes outside. Yesterday, for example, it went back and forth between bright sunshine and rain all day. Every time the clouds left, I could say to the kids, “It stopped raining, go outside.” We love our backyard, too. We need some more toys back there (trampoline!) but Ben seems to enjoy playing with his t-ball set, throwing rocks at the fence, and chasing bunnies under the fence into our neighbor’s yard. There are some very bold bunnies that live in our neighborhood and go from yard to yard, grazing. They seem to enjoy playing keep-away with Ben, letting him get close and then darting through their tiny escape holes under the fences.

Christopher enjoyed his trip to London and I was glad to have help. I had an appointment at the perinatologist that Thursday and everything looked great. I spoiled myself with a quick trip to Target on the way home. If next Thursday’s appointment is as good, I’ll do the same thing. Other than that, I’m not leaving the house except for church and the doctor. Friday, the day after Christopher got home, we sat down with Capella and her parents (on the phone) and they expressed concern that she was working, or at least “on call”, 24/7. She expected to be completely “off” after 7 p.m. and all weekend. Even though Ben was taking a four-hour nap and generally down after 7, we still needed her around, especially on the weekends, and especially if I go on bed rest. Eventually, we realized that our expectations had been different, and concluded by deciding she would go home to Las Vegas.

Christopher then said, “Call Allison. I think she’s the only one besides our moms that can handle it.” Thankfully, Allison was willing and able to come out for the summer. Capella left yesterday, and Allison is flying in tonight. I’m excited to see her and get into another routine. School will last another two weeks for the kids, and then we’ll be able to enjoy a lazy summer.

What else? Last Friday Megan’s activity day group (8-11 year old girls at church) hosted a mother/daughter dinner, which was nice. It’s going to take me a little while to make friends because I’ve pretty much sequestered myself, but I already have a few people I can call if I need. And I have Shay around. She watched Gavin and Ben yesterday morning when I went to my OB. I did a non-stress test to monitor for contractions, and didn’t have one in the time I was hooked up. I think the 17P shots are working to alleviate the uterine irritability, and the modified bed rest is helping with the pressure. I’m hoping to avoid complete bed rest, and although I feel like I’m missing out a little, at least I can sit at church. Sit in the backyard with Ben. Make myself or the kids lunch. Put laundry away. Load the dishwasher. I have stopped: chasing Ben at the park, shopping, lifting Ben in and out of his crib, going up and down the stairs, carrying anything heavy (laundry), heavy cleaning (vacuuming, etc.), and cooking beyond throwing a frozen lasagna in the oven or a few ingredients in the Crockpot.

The house continues to be probably the most comfortable we’ve lived in. The kids are surprisingly doing great all sleeping in the same bedroom. Ben goes down around 7, Gavin at 7:30, and Megan at 8, although last night Gavin and Megan “camped out” in the playroom with sleeping bags. Ben says, “I love our new house. It’s my favorite.” I’m glad he’s happy. After our horrendous move, everyone seems as well-adjusted as ever.

I got my new camera and started taking pictures. And then my laptop broke. Completely dead. So at least I have some pictures now, but sharing them is another story. The first pictures I took are of my kids, in the backyard, wearing jeans and jackets and eating Otter Pops. That’s Seattle for you. We eat popsicles while wearing jackets.


One thought on “Goodbye May

  1. In Phoenix we eat Otter Pops wearing as little as possible.Remind me again who Allison is. You are lucky to have people you can call on.

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