"Summer" Vacation

Gavin’s last day of school is tomorrow, and Megan on Wednesday. We are all geared up for our summer vacation. It was 67 degrees today.

I can’t complain, though. It seems like kids in Seattle just play outside, a lot. Allison and I came up with a list of Outside Rules for Megan and Gavin:

1. Always tell Mom, Dad, or Allison when you leave the house. Tell where you will be, who you will be with, and ask what time you should be home.
2. Always wear a helmet when riding a bike.
3. Wear a hat and/or sunscreen if it’s sunny.
4. Make sure Ben doesn’t follow you out of the house. Shut the door.
5. Never go into someone’s house or backyard unless you ask Mom, Dad, or Allison first.
6. Watch out for cars, especially when you are playing in the cul-de-sac or when you cross the street.
7. Never go into woods.
8. Never play alone. If your friends go home, you go home, too. You are allowed to be in the backyard or in the front of the house alone, but you may not play anywhere else alone.
9. Never go anywhere with a grown-up. If a grown-up asks you for help, asks you to go somewhere with them, or asks you to get into a car, go home right away and tell Mom, Dad, or Allison. You may ask another grown-up for help if you are in trouble.

Remember you are a Richins. Be kind and play nicely. If a friend asks you to do something you know you are not allowed to do, come home and talk to Mom, Dad, or Allison about it.

Allison and I stopped by the local YMCA this morning, and it was a dive! I was so disappointed. They rent space from an old, old church and it was just a hole. Such a change from the Buckhead Y, and even the Auburn Y (near Maple Valley, about an hour south of here). So I asked the membership person at the Sammamish Y what else was around. She was not at all surprised by my disappointment in the facilities, and gave some suggestions. One was Gold’s, which Allison was like, “Oh yeah, I have a membership there, and they’ve been calling me for their money for like two months.” We called them, and managed to get them to waive her late fees, and then we researched the Gold’s Gym in Issaquah. It was sweet, had great childcare and plenty of family swim hours. So Allison is going to start working out and taking the kids to the pool. That will give them all something to do and me more down time. Plus, I want my kids to be swimmers and I don’t want them to lose all they have learned so far.

The weekend was good. We accomplished a lot and had some fun. Megan and Gavin went to Bryant and Dalton’s birthday party. Shay hired a twelve-year-old magician who was actually really professional and put on a great show. That evening, Christopher and I went back and played games with Shay and Carl and another couple, Russ and Amy. Russ and Amy came from Portland, and had lots of fun stories to tell about “the place young people go to retire.” We watched some Portlandia clips and Amy talked about how she worked in fundraising for a public school and couldn’t tell who had money and who didn’t because everyone lived so frugally. She said, “They all live and dress the same and their kids are all named Atticus…” and Christopher and I cracked up. Caitlin and Tim would definitely fit in.

Tonight Christopher had a softball game and I went with Megan and Gavin. I set up a camp chair and enjoyed the nice evening. It was about 60, so I was wearing a jacket. There were kids running all over and Megan and Gavin had a blast. We came home and they went straight to bed, tired and dirty. Have I mentioned how much I love that kids in Seattle play outside? A lot? Unsupervised?


5 thoughts on “"Summer" Vacation

  1. Love all the pictures. Glad to see you are putting the camera to good use. You know I am all about some playing outside. Definitely thought your list was well thought out – might just have to print that baby out for my own youngins. That stinks about the Y, but sounds like Gold's is going to be great.

  2. Those pictures are amazing! I can't wait to be in Portland. Nathan says the feeling of Seattle is similar to Portland, and I can tell you are enjoying life there!

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