This morning when I opened my eyes at 8:30 and everyone was still asleep, I wondered what miracle had transpired. When Ben didn’t rouse until 9:30, we all celebrated. Since he’s been typically up at 6 a.m. (seven if we are lucky), we were all thrilled. And since it happened on the first day no one had to be at a bus stop or doctor’s appointment, we thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in.

Of course, a few hours later Ben started feeling warm. He started complaining of a “tummyache in my back.” And soon after, he was laying on the floor saying, “Something is wrong!” and “I need a nap in my crib.” I should have known better than to think a toddler of mine would sleep in without being sick. I expect him to wake up from his nap with a spiked fever. We’ll see.

The week has been excellent, though. Today is sunny and 70 degrees. Allison took Megan and Gavin to the gym at noon. They were going to the kidsplace, which has a Wii, and Allison was meeting with a personal trainer. Gold’s gave her two free sessions when she transferred her membership, and I hope she can get into a good routine of exercise and swimming with the kids.

I saw my perinatologist on Wednesday and my cervix is still 4 cm long! He told me he didn’t need to see me again for 4 weeks and to keep doing what I’m doing. Between the 17P and Allison’s help, I am in good shape. Also, loading up on protein has seemed to help, as well. In two weeks the baby grew from the 32 percentile to the 55th. I am not going to overdo it, but it’s nice to think I can fold laundry or make myself a smoothie without worrying too much.

We are looking forward to a productive weekend. Christopher is going to start some house projects. Our landlord is great and has approved us installing ceiling fans, a whole house fan, and some new 2” blinds. We offered our (Christopher’s) labor if he would pay for the supplies.

Oh, and I got Photoshop (Elements) and the Pioneer Woman actions up and running on this computer, so stay tuned for pictures. It’s hard to whip out my camera when I’m supposed to be resting, but I’ll try and come up with something.


One thought on “Miracle?

  1. I hope Ben isn't sick! It sounds like Gold Gym's is working out a lot better than the YMCA 🙂 As for your doctor's appointment, that is such great news!

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