When Ben is sick, the big kids will play

So Ben did wake up with a burning fever after his nap. I gave him Motrin and a popsicle and we spent the afternoon on the couch watching movies and sipping Gatorade. Allison took the big kids back to the gym to swim for a few hours. I think they have more fun without a toddler slowing them down. They brought home a pizza and we ate that with salad and smoothies for dinner. Ben fortunately has not had another other symptoms, so I guess we’ll just keep him hydrated and wait.

Gavin also lost two teeth this week. The first one he pulled out himself. He’s definitely not as squeamish as Megan has been with teeth. The second one was lost at dinner. As we devoured our pizza, he said, in a calm voice, “Uh, I have an emergency here.” I looked up to see another gap in his mouth. We dug around in the pizza and couldn’t find it. I suspect he swallowed it. Needless to say, we didn’t eat a whole lot after that.


2 thoughts on “When Ben is sick, the big kids will play

  1. Since you are supposed to be resting anyway, is it fair to ask that you write on your blog every day? Because it makes me very happy every time you do. Thank you.

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