Father’s Day 2011 and Ben is still sick…

Poor Ben is still sick. Saturday night was a little rough as he woke up every time his fever spiked and broke. He kept saying he was having bad dreams about dinosaurs. Sunday he was tired and snuggly all day. It was sad to see him so miserable, but at the same time, he actually curled up in our arms. And stayed there. Normally, when he crawls in our laps he will sit still two, maybe three seconds before hopping down to cause mayhem and destruction. But Sunday he just sat and sat. I stayed home from church with him and we got lots of good snuggles in.

Father’s Day was lovely. I’m not a great gift-giver but I thought at least I could make Christopher good food and let him sleep in. We gave him breakfast in bed at 9 a.m.– pancakes, fried eggs, and fruit salad. Then we let him stay in bed the rest of the morning. Like I said, it was easier than normal with Ben being so sluggish. Lunch was chicken salad that I had made the night before from a rotisserie chicken, and more fruit salad. Dinner, after church, was stuffed peppers, salad, and peach Jell-O with whipped cream, Christopher’s favorite dessert, or at least the one I can make while I’m on modified bed rest. I planned the menu to avoid spending too much time on my feet while still making things that were special. Megan and Gavin, of course, had made their Daddy cards.

Sunday night was even rougher. Ben must have been up six times. Today he was less snuggly and just plain whiny. I’m officially ready for him to be healthy again, and I know he is. My mom thinks I should take him to the doctor but I’m convinced he has a virus, possibly roseola. I’m waiting and hoping for the rash. In the meantime, fluids, Motrin, and warm baths. This morning, Allison took Megan and Gavin to the gym, and after rest time, the big kids played outside in the cul-de-sac until dinner. Poor Ben wanted to go swimming so bad. I’m sure he’ll be his normal self in no time, though.


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