First Day of Summer

My day started early with a trip to the diabetes counselor and nutritionist. For insurance purposes, I have gestational diabetes. I failed the one-hour and refuse to take the three-hour. I’d rather prick my fingers four times a day. But seriously, my sugars are elevated and I suspect it has to do more with the lack of exercise than my eating habits.

Because we eat darn well. Especially when I’m pregnant, healthy food becomes an obsession. All food becomes an obsession, really. Tonight it was quinoa salad, and if I do say so myself, it was darn good. Christopher’s Aunt Pam brought me something similar when we moved in, and I’m not sure if she made it or if it was take-out, but it was easy enough to recreate: quinoa, black beans, corn, cucumber, tomato, red onion, cilantro, and a little bit of grilled chicken. Olive oil and lime to dress it. It was so good, Allison took a picture.

I even stopped by the grocery store on the way home from the doctor. I know, I may be pushing it at 30 weeks (30 weeks!) but I think I’m doing okay. Contractions are definitely under control. Plus, I like to shop the sales, and it’s hard to tell Allison, “Buy this brand of pasta, unless this brand is on sale, and buy canned tomatoes if they are this price…” etc. Honestly, the price of food is killing me right now. It’s probably 30% more in Seattle than it was in Atlanta. Not sure if that’s cost of living or inflation or both. At any rate, I calculated the quinoa salad to cost about $8. Not bad to feed a family of six with leftovers to spare. It would have been a lot cheaper if I didn’t spend $1.44 on one measly tomato. I really need a garden.

Allison said Ben was cranky this morning but after a long nap he woke up pretty happy. Or at least after a yogurt, peanut butter spoon, and cookie. It was nice to see his appetite back. The fever is gone and there’s a trace of a rash but I’m not convinced it’s roseola. Maybe it was just a random virus.

Seattle treated us to a wonderful first day of summer, high of 75. Gavin played all afternoon over at Dalton’s, and Megan and Ben played so cute in the backyard. It was good to see my boy running around again.


3 thoughts on “First Day of Summer

  1. 30 weeks! Wow. you can do it. Sorry about the gestational diabetes. That my friend sounds like no fun at all. And about the price of food-that is out of control.p.s. Yes, I probably do shop at gymboree as much as you do (well, I pretty much just stock up twice a year at their red balloon sale)

  2. I'm with you on the price of food. The kids are literally eating me out of house and home this summer. We need a garden as well because it's all the fresh fruits and veggies that are killing me.

  3. That looks SOOOO good. Is there a recipe for that or do you just throw it together? Not sure I'd get the dressing right. And I'll tell you what's almost as good as a garden–a friend with a garden.

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