These Kids

The day started with a trip to the pulmonologist with Megan, to confirm her asthma diagnosis. Looking back, it was slightly fruitless, since the pulmonologist just took her history, per me, and made the diagnosis. Megan’s lung function and chest x-ray were completely normal. However, it’s June. Come October, you can be sure she’ll be hacking and wheezing at some point. The doctor was helpful in coming up with a game plan. I just hope it works and we can avoid the oral steroids this winter, which seem to have the most side effects.

After we left the clinic, we stopped at REI because while camping, Christopher noticed Megan had two different size boots. Not only did REI exchange the muddy boots for a brand new pair, they gave me a 15% credit “for my trouble.” They are definitely sucking me in as a loyal REI customer.

We also stopped at Rite Aid to stock up on asthma medications to have on hand for the winter. We’ll start inhaled steroids on September 1, and I’ll keep Albuterol and Prednisolone on hand, as well. Joy.

I wanted to do the grocery store, but I knew my limit. I headed home to lay down and Allison took Ben and Megan to the grocery store later. Gavin spent all afternoon at Dalton’s. Apparently, when he got there, it was lunchtime, then chores before playtime. Shay runs a strict summer schedule. When Gavin heard it was chore time, he checked his watch and said, “Oh, I need to be home after lunch…” Ha. He, in fact, did not need to be home, so did some dusting and vacuuming (with a dustbuster) with Dalton before they played for another four hours.

After dinner the kids ran around in the backyard and we watched an incredible Carolina baseball game. We are loving the College World Series and ESPN3. With ESPN3, Netflix, and Hulu, I can’t see paying for TV ever again. We will get a whopping NINE BYU football games in the Fall. I can’t wait.

In other news, we got a signed lease and deposit on our Charlottesville house today! I’m so happy to stop advertising and worrying about it. We had to reduce the rent a bit, but we are only losing about as much as we would have lost in a month had it been unoccupied. The Lord was definitely thinking of us, and probably our friends, the Sims. I got an email from Scott via a craigslist ad. I recognized his name right away; he and his wife and kids went to church with us in Charlottesville. They have to move out of their rental, but are in limbo, waiting to hear from jobs in both Charlottesville and Utah. We had them sign a year lease but will let them sub-let it if they need to leave, like we did when we lived in Arlington for five months.

I leave you with pictures of my boys goofing off in the shower. The winter shower schedule (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) has been changed to “whenever I think you smell bad.”


One thought on “These Kids

  1. I'll have to have David talk to Chris about how you do your TV. We have Netflix and Hulu, but how do you get ESPN3? Send the renting vibes this way, would ya?If you have to be an outdoorsy, camping-type family to live in Seattle, maybe I fit in better here.

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