Gavin’s adventure

We had fun at the BBQ although I felt a little aloof sitting under a tree the whole time. The other adults were in the sun, and you know what happens to me if I sit in the sun for more than about 15 minutes. It was a pretty small turnout, maybe about 5 or 6 families which included a few singles, and our kids are by far the youngest. There are loads of young kids in the neighborhood, but our cul-de-sac is a little older. We have a handful of tweeners, which is fine because the kids around here will roam the culs-de-sac looking for kids their age.

After the BBQ Christopher took Megan and Gavin on the little lake about a mile from our house. He bought an inflatable boat and they tried to catch some fish. Gavin bounded to my bed, freshly showered, around 9:30 p.m. to tell me all about “his adventures”.

“First, we rowed out to sea. Then we didn’t catch any fish. Then we got lost. Then we bumped into a giant inflatable trampoline that was anchored but floating. Then we saw a boy who caught a fish and he let me touch it! Then Megan caught a lily pad and Daddy caught a lily pad flower for Megan. Then we came home.”

I need to remember to send Christopher with our waterproof little video camera so he can capture some of the excitement on his camping and fishing expeditions.

ps I think Allison should live with us forever. Well, at least for a while after the baby is born. She is so good with my kids. Isn’t this the cutest picture?


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