Fourth of July 2011

The day started early with a flag ceremony, pancake breakfast, and bike parade at the church. I stayed on the couch but the kids came home happy.

About an hour later our neighborhood hosted a bike parade. This time, just Allison went with Megan and Gavin. There was a fire truck, bounce house, and ice cream, which was more than they expected.

After lunch, we took naps while Christopher worked on a bunch of projects around the house. He called his Uncle Corey to see if they wanted to get together, and it turns out they were already at a party, and invited us to join.

We showed up around 4:30 and things were in full swing. It was a little awkward at first, because we only knew Corey and Pam, but the hosts, Steve and Marsha, were really welcoming. They have six grown kids and a ton of grandkids from babies to teenagers. Most of their clan was there, and their kids and grandkids had invited their friends, as well. It was the most fun backyard setup I’ve seen in a while. A big heated pool, awesome patio, poolhouse, an enormous lawn (think several acres) with an in-ground trampoline, putting green, ping pong table, and giant play structure. I wish I would have taken some pictures, but the main focus of the evening was preventing Ben from drowning.

My kids, of course, stayed in the water most of the time. It was 75 degrees and sunny, as good as it gets for a Seattle 4th, and the pool was 80+ degrees. Ben jumped in the pool over and over again, once without his float (Allison had to jump in after him). Towards the end, Ben was trying to do somersaults underwater in his float, so I think we’re going to have to get him a different one, or just let him “swim” without one. He loves to be underwater.

When they weren’t in the pool, they were running around on the lawn or bouncing on the trampoline. My #1 favorite thing about Seattle: no fire ants. There is no barefoot frolicking in the grass in South Carolina.

At 7:30 Allison and I brought Ben home (we took two cars). Even though I had spent three hours in a pool chair with my feet propped up, I was done. Ben would have likely spent another hour in the pool, but he had swallowed enough water for the evening. We got him to bed a little before nine and relaxed. I heard our city fireworks show go off a little after ten, but we couldn’t quite see them from our backyard.

Megan and Gavin stumbled into my room around 11:30 and I shooed them straight to bed. Gavin spent a good 45 minutes this morning crying before taking a four-hour nap.

We have a sunny week ahead of us. It’s a good time to be in Seattle.


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