The rest of the week

Tuesday and Wednesday were sunny and 80 degrees. The kids had a blast playing in the backyard with the hose and sprinkler. Allison and I came up with a schedule and chore chart and the kids have been doing pretty well with that. The hotter days were nice but the evenings were pretty uncomfortable, since we don’t have air conditioning. Christopher did install the whole house fan but it’s not working properly yet. When it works right, around bedtime we open up the windows and turn it on, and it sucks all the cooler air from outside and pushes the warm attic air out of the house. It makes a nice breeze and the house comfortable again. But since the fan wasn’t working, on Wednesday evening all three kids were piled in my bed until 10 p.m. watching Gilmore Girls until the sun finally set, and they could sleep.

Thursday it dropped down to 60 degrees again. Allison took the kids to the YMCA, first the nursery while she exercised, then the pool. When Ben came home he declared he had swam for “40 hours” and took about a five hour nap.

Today it is still in the 60s but sunny and gorgeous. Allison ran errands with Ben and after they did their chores the big kids have just been hanging out. I finally sent Gavin to play with Dalton so he would leave me alone. Hopefully I’ll be able to pay Shay back once I have this baby and get back into the swing of things.

I’m doing pretty well. I had a doctor’s appointment and my stress test showed minimal contractions. I’m basically trying to stay down while making sure my blood sugar doesn’t get too high and my blood pressure doesn’t get too low. I also had lost a pound at my appointment so I am under doctor’s orders to EAT MORE. As if I wasn’t already stuffing my face every two hours. While I have to avoid simple carbs and sweets (ice cream, baked goods) to keep my blood sugar under control, I ate two giant juicy homemade cheeseburgers this week (Allison made one, Christopher the other, and they were both delicious), and am putting avocado on everything.


2 thoughts on “The rest of the week

  1. There is nothing worse than being HOT and PREGNANT. I kept a fan by my bedside the last several months of my pregnancy with Anna Bea. Glad to hear the contractions are slowing down. And jealous to hear you've been ordered to eat more!

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