32 Weeks…

Am I still 32 weeks? This has been the longest week of my pregnancy. I cannot believe it has only been a week since the 4th of July. I guess now that I’m counting down until 36 weeks, time will drag.

That being said, I’m spoiled rotten. My job for the next month is just to lay around and do nothing! And my preterm labor is not as precarious as with Megan and Ben, so if I want to make a sandwich, I do. If I want to go downstairs and blog or watch a movie, I do. I’m generally housebound, but I’m not bed-bound like before. So it’s not too bad.

Still, the outdoors are beckoning. It is SO gorgeous outside, and I would love to explore the area with my family. We had a very lazy weekend. Despite the gorgeous temperatures, everyone just kind of lounged around all day Saturday. We eventually had to kick Megan and Gavin outside in the afternoon. Christopher grilled some chicken and tossed it with pasta and summer veggies.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, as well. Ben took a short nap, so I called Christopher back home during Sunday School to pick up Ben and take him to nursery. Last week, he slept through the entire three hours of church. After church, we had some baked potatoes with chili and cheese and salad. Ben was being rotten, and Allison was good enough to take him to the park and didn’t come back until bedtime. Christopher played Monopoly for two hours with Megan and Gavin. And I am working on my blog books. I think next year it will be time to start a new blog.


3 thoughts on “32 Weeks…

  1. I feel your pain. Even feels to me like you've been pregnant forever by now. Glad y'all are having good weather. Being homebound is one thing, but being homebound with kids stuck inside because of crappy weather would be a whole nutha story!

  2. I'm trying to do my blog book for last year. It's going very slowly. I don't have much time. Why would you need to start a new blog next year?

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