33 Weeks

Yay! I’m officially 33 weeks now. Yesterday was a great day for me, and the kids. An exhausting one for Allison. In the morning, she took the kids bowling, with pit stops at Walmart and someone’s front porch for a craigslist purchase. In the afternoon, she took them to the lake/park, with pit stops at the library and Papa Murphy’s for pizza. I spent the whole day folding laundry and watching a BBC Sherlock Holmes miniseries. Christopher came home for family night, and I watched the last Sherlock while Allison read with Megan for over two hours. The highlight of the day for Gavin was his new shoes coming in the mail. Online shopping is so great when you are on bedrest.

Today I went to the perinatologist for another ultrasound of the baby and my cervix. The baby is doing well, but of course in an incredibly awkward position. He’s footling breech, with his head wedged almost under my right ribs, his bum near my left hip, and his feet down at my cervix. Every time he kicks, I feel like I’m being kicked in the bum, from the inside. Or the bladder. Megan was a footling breech, and she turned right at 34, so let’s hope this baby does. My cervix is still holding at 2 cm long, which I thought was great news. However, Dr. Gavilra wanted to see me back in a week. When I asked why, he said, “Because we like to see you around here.” When I said, “No, seriously,” he explained that we need to watch the baby’s position, because with his feet pressing on my cervix, it will apply more pressure than if his head was down. And if he stays like that, and my cervix starts dilating, there is a risk of a prolapsed cord. So basically, if this kid doesn’t turn by about 36 weeks, we’ll start talking c-section, based on my history of precipitous delivery. I really would hate to have a c-section because of the slow recovery time and risk of complications. The only bright side is they could do a quick tube tie while they are in there. Plus, I am a bit terrified of another precipitous delivery, so if he is still breech, I would be amenable to an early c-section. But I would dread the recovery.

At any rate, I’m still staying down and just waiting.


4 thoughts on “33 Weeks

  1. just an FYI…I had 3 c-sections and with Cozy I was walking the woodland park zoo with her in a front pack at 1 week out! Dont sweat it if that becomes your fate, its not too bad just take the pain meds!

  2. I am so glad you made it safely to 33 weeks. I like your plans to just continue taking it easy until the time actually comes. I hope your little one flips! Also, I hope your loved Sherlock. It is SO GOOD! BBC miniseries are the best.

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