Handsome Boy and a New Bike Rider

Friday Shay came over, we jumped the minivan, and Allison took the kids to the children’s museum. Christopher got home late, but we watched a movie in bed and had a little date night. Allison even brought us snacks.

Saturday morning we relaxed and cleaned the house. Christopher and Gavin got haircuts. I watched many hours of a BBC miniseries, which are getting me through these last few weeks of bed rest. In the evening Christopher and I went over to Corey and Pam’s house. His other uncle and aunt, David and Marlyse, were in town, so we chatted, had some pizza and root beer, and played some Rook.

Our Sunday schedule is a little weird. We don’t have church until 1 p.m., so we have a leisurely morning with breakfast. Christopher played with the kids, I worked on the computer. Allison attends the singles’ ward, so she leaves the house earlier than we do. And for the past few weeks, Christopher has left Ben napping during Sacrament Meeting, and picks him up during Sunday School to take him to nursery. Ben still screams for a few minutes when Christopher drops him off, even though he raves about how much fun he has afterwards. “I see my friends, see Sister Holly, play toys, eat snacks, sing songs.” His language is developing so quickly, it’s fun to hear. Although, today he said, word for word, “Thank you, Mommy, for changing my stinky diaper.” I am inclined to think that once a kid can say that, they should be using the potty.

While we were waiting for Christopher, I bribed Ben with a piece of candy so he’d let me take his picture.

After dinner, Christopher went out in the cul-de-sac with Gavin, who wanted to work on his bike riding. I’m proud to say Gavin learned to ride his bike in two days, with no tears. Christopher, Megan, and Gavin also played a rousing game of cricket with some Indian kids. I love our neighborhood.


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