Bathtime Cousins

Ben and Atticus in the bath yesterday. Atticus is a quiet only child, and has been a bit overwhelmed by our brood, especially Ben.


4 thoughts on “Bathtime Cousins

  1. How stinkin' cute are those pictures??? Absolutely darling. Love me some cousin shots. Definitely rehearsal dinner slide show material. Wait…do Mormons have rehearsal dinners the night before the wedding? I'm pretty sure the slide show part is just Southern, but regardless of where your kids grow up, those boys will look for a Southern girl to marry one day. Just like their sweet mama. You might be all left coast, but you are still just a SC girl at heart, you know.

  2. Ha ha! Love those bathtub pictures. You can tell Caitlin and Tim I have been reading their blog and thoroughly enjoy it. Will they think that is weird? So happy to hear (via Facebook) that they baby has turned! Hum, names…how about Peter? I love that name but couldn't make my kid almost Spiderman (Peter Barker). All the name suggestions you gave me were awesome!

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