I’m sitting here in my house, all alone. Christopher and Tim went to play softball at a park with a huge playground and a lake, and took Megan and Gavin to play on the playground. Allison and Caitlin wanted to have fun, too, so they took Atticus and Ben in a separate car. I sure appreciate the quiet, but on a night like this (74 degrees right now), I would love to be outside with my family.

And that’s why this little boy will be my last. I had two more doctor’s visits this week. After seeing the perinatologist, he called my OB and I was scheduled for a c-section on August 9. I’m still hoping the baby will turn, and will try some more creative solutions, especially while Caitlin is here. Christopher refuses to try talking the baby into moving (the website we were looking at said Daddy’s voice always worked), but Caitlin and Allison are going to attempt shining a flashlight and playing some music where we want the baby’s head to go, which some midwives swear by.

Christopher was in San Francisco part of the week, and Caitlin and Tim arrived Thursday night. They wanted to take a spontaneous road trip, and Allison was excited for them to come, both for the extra help and to break up the monotony. We have definitely been doing the same things every day.

The kids are enjoying their summer. We finally talked Megan into getting up on her bike, and Gavin is already a terror on his. I’m both thrilled by and terrified of his comfort level. Nothing makes me happier than seeing him discover his first bit of freedom. Thankfully, he’s good about wearing his helmet, but watching him speed down hills, I’m sure at some point my newest daredevil will give me a scare.

Finally, last night we had dinner over at Shay and Carl’s. They have an awesome backyard, and the kids ran around for hours until the mosquitoes came out. We took them home fed, tired, and dirty. Just the way I like my kids on a summer’s evening.


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