35 Weeks (almost!)

I think this kid may have moved, or at least is thinking about it. I’m feeling more kicks in my ribs instead of my bladder. At any rate, I’m calming down about the whole thing. Christopher gave me a Priesthood blessing last night and it really helped me stop freaking out.

Once I stopped fretting about the rest of the pregnancy/delivery, I started thinking beyond that. Oddly enough, I think I forgot how to take care of a newborn. I started making a mental list of everything I would need, but I think I’m okay. Caitlin and Tim brought me back all my baby clothes, and they are washed, folded, and put away, ready to go. I have a car seat, bathtub, diapers and wipes, rubbing alcohol and Vaseline, a bulb syringe and nail clippers. I’ve got blankets, a breast pump, a Moby wrap and an Ergo. The little guy will be sleeping in a Moses basket or the Pack n Play until Ben is ready to be moved to the bunk bed, probably after his 3rd birthday in January.

Once again I’m all alone. Caitlin, Tim, and Allison took the kids to Pike Place Market. Hope they make it back in one piece! I’m going to be wishing for some of these lonely mornings after the baby arrives!


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