My mom said Megan has been neglected on the blog lately, so here’s a post just for her. Megan is my easy kid right now. She has been helpful and delightful almost all summer. She does her chores, like unloading the dishwasher, putting away clothes, and wiping down the bathroom, without complaint. She hates, however, wiping food off the table. Which is ironic, Allison pointed out, because she loves to pick up giant slugs from the backyard.

Megan’s still both tomboy and girly girl. She loves mud and bugs and fishing and camping. She also is a bit obsessed with fashion and clothes. She has a huge notebook filled with fashion designs, where she designs clothes for herself as well as me. All her designs have great names, like “Night on the Town” or “Dress for Success” or “Summertime”. My favorite, though, is a cute mommy outfit which she titled, “Hello, Mrs. Carpool.”

Megan is creative and inventive. She loves to write stories and create art. Lately, she has been creating lots of small “works of art”, along with strips of paper money, and auctioning her art to the highest bidder. She can also be seen directing Gavin in creating movie posters for invented blockbusters, or storefront signs for selling pine cones and Otter Pops in the driveway. It seems that her creativity will most likely be manifest in writing and visual art. I can’t get her to sit down at the piano to save my life.

Megan loves her little brothers and takes quite good care of them. She will tell you she is annoyed at her fate of three brothers, but I think she will do just fine. I know she’ll be a huge help with the baby.

And she still loves to read.


4 thoughts on “Megan

  1. You wouldn't have to worry if Megan would update her own blog. But, she told us, "It's not a real crowd pleaser," which simply isn't true.

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