Emergency Food

Now that we are settled, we have been thinking about emergency preparedness. Not only have we been wanting to prepare for natural disasters or a financial burden like a job loss, but we have been nervous about the possibility of hyperinflation, especially at the grocery store. We assembled some 72-hour kits and 60 gallons of water in the garage, and then started thinking about a year supply of food. We initially started buying wheat, rice, and beans, and then discovered Shelf Reliance, which not only carries the basics but also dairy, protein, and a large selection of freeze-dried fruits and veggies. After trying out the food and realizing it could be very easily used in our everyday cooking and snacks, we not only purchased an amazing deal on a year supply, but started selling it, too.

The deal we purchased, which is available right now, is a one-year, four-person supply of food for $2991 shipped. It contains 336 #10 cans of food in 56 boxes. If you have been thinking about food storage, too, and want to be able to easily use the food you store, let me know. This would also be a great package to split with a friend, since it works out to about $8.90 per can (some of the fruits and veggies, or dairy and meat, can run regularly about $30/can).


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