Sunday was a rough day. Benjamin, especially, was in rare form. Church was the worst. He was in no mood to sit still during Sacrament Meeting. Or be quiet. He chatted with our neighbors: “Hi, my name is Ben. This is my sister Megan. What’s your name? Can I look at your watch?” He made bold declarations to the congregation: “I’m Bennis the Menace!” “I want to go to nursery!” “I want to sit on Daddy’s lap!” He made excuses: “I have to go pee-pee on the potty” (he is not potty trained) or my favorite, “My shirt is wet. I need to go to the bathroom and get a paper towel.” He had just intentionally spit water on his shirt.

When it was nursery time, Christopher dropped him off and joined me in Sunday school. Within 10 minutes we heard a violently screaming child. Yes, it was Ben. Christopher did manage to eventually join me again, and Ben stayed in nursery the rest of church.

I actually made it through three hours of church. In fact, I’m 36 weeks pregnant today and feeling great. Uncomfortable, sure, but I’m wondering if maybe this baby is going to stay in for a while. It’s kind of blowing my mind. He hasn’t dropped yet, because I can’t breathe or bend over with all this baby in my ribs and lungs. And my contractions are inconsistent and weak. So who knows?

Our days are still very consistent. Playing outside, playing inside, chores, quiet time, meals, and kids creating general havoc. Last night, I sent them in the backyard to water the lawn while we finished dinner. Of course, within minutes they were all soaked and shrieking. No matter. We called it a shower and put them all in pj’s when they came inside. After dinner, we had family night. More ruckus. One thing is for sure, these kids are trouble.


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