Home Again

Friday I spent a leisurely morning at the hospital before I was discharged. I managed to order breakfast and lunch before Christopher picked me up at noon. We grabbed our stuff and unceremoniously headed to the nurses’ station to get Logan’s lo-jack removed. I walked to the car, and the nurse, as a requirement, carried the baby in his car seat. I wish she would have let Christopher do it, though, because she was small, the car seat was large, and at one point she stumbled and I thought she would drop him.

Luckily, we made it home in one piece. The kids were so excited to see us back at home. The first thing I did was call the pediatrician about Logan’s elevated bilirubin level. Unfortunately, they wanted to see him that day. I told them I wasn’t concerned, but they insisted, so I relented and took him in. They pricked his heel, and thankfully the level was going down and he’s fine, like my instinct said. They told me I should bring him in Monday to be weighed. I didn’t call back, as his one week appointment is Wednesday and mother’s instinct says he’s just fine.

One reason I know he’s fine is because this kid is eating like crazy. I have never had a bleeding nipple in 3+ years of nursing babies, and alas, my first one. Thankfully, Caitlin is a lactation consultant and told me what to do, so I had Allison running around today for prescription ointment and gel pads.

Logan has also been way too alert for such a tiny baby. I hope he gets sleepier soon. My other babies were pretty consistent in their eating every 2-3 hours. Sometimes I had to wake them up. Logan’s schedule is bizarre. The first few days at home, he would cluster feed for hours, then sleep for 3-5 hours. The problem is he’s feeding at night and sleeping during the day. Last night, for example, although I tried to keep him awake during the day, he nursed without a nap from about 7 p.m… to 3 a.m. I thought I was going to die, and he has done that for the past several nights. I will feed him, lay him down, and ten minutes (or thirty, but what’s the difference?) later, he is wide awake and rooting again. Thank goodness Allison is here to help.

Despite his refusal to sleep at night and the sore nipples, we sure are glad to have him home.


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