Can I hold my new baby brother?

Benjamin asks constantly, “Can I hold my new baby brother?” If you tell him no, he will attempt to pick up the baby anyway, so you should either say yes or immediately move to protect the baby.

Ben also likes to ask, “What’s my new baby brother’s name?” When you tell him, he says, “Oh, right. Logan. Baby Logan.”

Today we held the baby. Logan was more comfortable with some siblings than others.

Also, Megan and Gavin listened to their playaways, an audiobook device our library offers. I love our library.

Allison just left to take the kids bowling, and it’s tacos for dinner. The summer is quickly coming to an end…


3 thoughts on “Can I hold my new baby brother?

  1. So sweet!!! I could write pretty much the same posts…. hopefully the 4th child will survive until they can fend for themselves! 🙂 School helps A LOT – having the big kids gone all day, gives needed time #3 needs after the wake up call that he is no longer the baby. I will send you an invite to my blog next time I'm on it. Sorry it's taken this long! Congrats on Baby Logan!

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