Flying colors

Today started with a trip to the pediatrician, where Logan weighed 6-4 and measured 19 3/4 inches. Passing his birth weight after a week was pronounced great news, and I wouldn’t expect anything less the way he eats. The nurse commented, “Wow, that was fast” after Dr. Hung (another Asian woman, loving them as my doctors) left the room, and she replied, “It’s her fourth. She didn’t have any questions.”

After a traumatizing second PKU heel prick (seriously, why do they need that much blood?), I nursed my mostly annoyed baby and then we headed to the Overlake Hospital women’s clinic in Issaquah, where Logan passed his hearing test with flying colors. I’m not sure why they don’t just do the hearing test in the hospital, probably one way to get you into the clinic for a follow-up. At any rate, it was a lovely clinic and they had a breastfeeding boutique, so I got measured for and tried on a few nursing bras. Then I came home and bought the one I liked online for 20% less.

(an annoyed Logan)

When I got home all my kids were asleep. When they woke up Megan and Gavin wanted to watch Spy Kids again. I had Allison take Ben to the Farmer’s Market so I could rest for a bit, and then we had dinner. As we were putting on shoes to head out for an after dinner walk, Christopher got home. We left him there to eat dinner, and enjoyed a lovely stroll, with the exception of chasing Ben every two seconds and popping his bottom once when he ran into the street. At the park, the kids played on the slide and monkey bars. Even Ben liked to hang from one of the lower bars precariously and drop down, which he called “chin-ups”. We even got a snack from some nearby blackberry bushes.

When we got home, Christopher had cleaned the kitchen, Allison put Ben to bed, and we got down to relaxing.

ps Baby A is my nephew. Baby B is Ben, and baby G is Gavin. I thought Logan looked most like my nephew, but then I found this picture of Megan and emailed it to Christopher. He thought it was Logan. I am fascinated by genetics, and although I always wanted a child who looked just like me, I think it’s fun that my kids look like each other.


2 thoughts on “Flying colors

  1. Great news.It is funny, because when I saw the first pictures of Logan I immediately thought that he looked just like one of your kids. Not even really sure what I mean, but take it as a compliment because I think all four of them are ESPECIALLY PRECIOUS. I can also so tell that they are siblings.

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