One of Those Moms

Yesterday we cleaned the house, and then I took all four kids to a play date at the park. I made Allison stay home and finish cleaning, which she wasn’t happy about, but it was good for me, as I got to see that I could actually leave the house with all four kids and survive!

It was the first time I had been to that park, which was just a few minutes from our house, and fantastic. It had a long boardwalk which led to a giant playground with a huge grassy field and nice restrooms and tons of shady picnic tables. There were five other moms from church. Two of Megan’s best friends were there, which I was thrilled for, because before we left she was complaining about that. There weren’t any boys Gavin’s age, but two girls, and when he got tired of playing with them, he found a pack of boys to run around with. He’s not shy about making friends, thank goodness. Ben ran around with snacks in his hand the whole time, often snacks that I did not bring, and Logan nursed twice and was awake almost the whole time, taking it all in.

My friends commented, “I can’t believe you are out!” several times, and I couldn’t believe it, either. I have never been one of those moms, instead sequestering myself for at least a few months after the baby is born. However, I had my first three in December, January, and February. There was no reason to leave the house with cold weather and germs flying around. But it’s August in Seattle. I feel decent, and I felt even better outside in the 75 degree sunshine.

After the park, Ben took a nap and the big kids watched a movie (or two). Christopher grilled burgers for dinner as we sat in the backyard.

This morning Christopher took the big kids fishing, Allison and I are cleaning (and blogging), Ben is napping, and Logan is relaxing in his swing.


2 thoughts on “One of Those Moms

  1. That is definitely a perk to a summer baby. Glad you got out and about. Nothing like that first outing to give you a little confidence. If your kids are like mine, they are always perfect on that one. It is the next and the next when they choose to act like wild donkeys. Kidding, of course. Sort of. Loving these updates. Especially the pictures of that precious Logan. Good gravy, is that boy some kind of cute, or what?! LOVE!!!!

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