Parents’ Week

While my parents were visiting, my mom didn’t constantly request new blog entries. So it’s been a while. The week was wonderful, with my mom cooking and cleaning and my dad chasing Ben and waking up with the kids in morning. I got lots of rest and really enjoyed their company. They even helped with Logan in the middle of the night, and watched the kids one night so Christopher and I could celebrate our 10-year anniversary with a fancy dinner.

The main event was on Sunday, when we blessed Logan. Honestly, I hardly remember the blessing because Ben was distracting, but we actually record and transcribe our babies’ blessings so I am looking forward to listening to it later. After church we enjoyed a feast cooked mainly by my mom, with help from Allison. Shay and Carl and their kids and Jansen (Christopher’s first cousin) and Holly and their kids joined us. The food was spectacular and the company enjoyable. Even the kids got along great and let us chat.

My parents left early Monday morning, and although Christopher had to work Labor Day, he took a few hours off while we went to Eric’s (his boss) house for his son Luke’s fifth birthday party. The kids had a blast, although we had to keep Ben mostly sequestered in the playroom so he wouldn’t destroy anything. I wish I had kept Megan’s preschool toys, because Ben played with a tea set and kitchen for a solid half hour without moving. Christmas, maybe?

Ben finishes off the banana pudding


3 thoughts on “Parents’ Week

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog and I love reading about your family. It's nice since I get to see you so little. Your family is beautiful and i'm so happy for you!! Love you

  2. I wish someone would've told me I could have recorded my children's baby blessings, sigh. I can't remember either of them and they were both incredibly stressful days. I'm glad you shared that little tidbit, hopefully I can remember it for next time. Your family pictures look beautiful by the way!

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