Hangin’ in There

Despite the universe’s best efforts, we survived the week. Christopher had a crazy work week, with multiple proposals due by Thursday at 2 p.m., and spent Monday and Wednesday nights at work. Wednesday he and the other two Chris’s pulled an all-nighter. Thursday he made it home for dinner, though, and crashed when the kids did, and Friday he got home early and took Gavin to a high school football game. By Friday night, we were absolutely pooped, so of course Ben started throwing up.

Fortunately, whatever was wrong with Ben didn’t last past about 2 a.m. After he unloaded dinner in his crib (I won’t be ordering Papajohn’s for a little while), he threw up after a quick bath, so we put him in bed with us and turned on Toy Story. He threw up once more, in a bowl (I was so proud!) before the end of the movie, then he slept in his crib for the rest of the night.

Logan wasn’t horrible last night, either. He finally went to sleep around 1 a.m. and only woke up at 4 and 7 to eat. Thankfully it was Saturday and both Allison and Christopher were around, so I took multiple naps in between watching Carolina and BYU football.

Logan hit three weeks and is getting so big. I already feel his skinny little body starting to squish up. He is a serious eater, and I’m starting to think about getting him on a schedule. I’m not a militant every three hours kind of mom, but it makes sense to feed them when they wake up, so they don’t get used to nursing to sleep. Sometimes he’ll eat every two hours but he averages three. He is pretty content during the day but fusses at night, and most nights he has been sleeping in his vibrating bouncy seat instead of his bassinet. 

Megan and Gavin enjoyed their second week of school and I think they are going to do well with their teachers. Megan’s teacher, Allison Lehr, is younger and “really nice”, but seems to hold the students accountable for homework and such. Gavin’s teacher, Harriet Arnold, is notoriously strict, and I think Gavin will thrive. He does well with structure and high expectations. Her first newsletter said things like, “Teach your children to tie their shoes. I do not have time to tie shoes during the day.” and “If your student forgets their lunch, don’t bring it to them. Make sure they have money in their account and they can buy it from the cafeteria. I use Love & Logic.”

Ben also had a day of “school”, a little co-op school a mom at church runs at the church weekly. The first day was chaotic, and Ben’s participation was hit and miss (he was more excited to wash his hands repeatedly in the kid-sized bathroom), but the next day he asked to go back to “ABC School”, so I might ask in a few months if there is still room in that two-day-a-week program up the street. Preschool here is so less formal than the East coast. Options are limited, but we’ll do the best we can to keep Ben occupied.

I have ten more days of Allison, so I’m stuffing them with doctor’s and dentist’s appointments, naps, and haircuts. Once she leaves, I won’t know what to do with myself. I know she is excited to be “free” again, and relinquish her role as second mother, but she is going to miss these babies.


One thought on “Hangin’ in There

  1. I can't imagine doing so much (having four children, including a newborn) and not having my husband around during the evenings/nights. I am sorry Christopher has been working so much! I'm so glad Allison has been around to help. Also, I LOVE that last picture. Gavin looks like he is an awesome brother.

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