One month

One month has passed. Allison is gearing up to leave. Christopher spent the week in Paris but we had fun here. Thursday and Friday were normal days. I made sure to take long afternoon naps while I still can. Saturday we watched a lot of football and Allison spent a lot of time in the kitchen whipping us up some football-watching treats: seven-layer dip and chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. Both were incredible. Because Allison is amazing.

Not everyone appreciated our football/baking day, though. At bedtime, Megan declared, “What would you rather do, watch football or spend quality time with your daughter?” I half-jokingly replied, “Well, it is BYU football…” And she was mortally offended, which led to a long drama. If you were unlucky enough to watch the BYU/Utah game yesterday, you know I definitely should have skipped the game and acquiesced to Megan’s request–watching the second half of Hello, Dolly!


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