Back to Exhausted

Monday was my last day of Allison. I went to a fabulous dentist and got my teeth cleaned. This new dentist offered complimentary snacks, drinks, hand or foot massages during my cleaning, and a brand-new Sonicare. It was pretty exciting. In the evening, Allison said her goodbyes to all the kids, and we went to dinner. We took Logan with us, hoping he would sleep the whole time. He slept, until dinner arrived, and then he fussed the rest of the night. We ate our chicken tikka masala quickly, got ice cream at Coldstone, and headed home.

Tuesday was my first day on my own. I took Ben to the little co-op preschool that a mom at church is trying to run. It’s too disorganized, and Ben is too crazy for the lack of structure, so I think it was our last time. When we left, he refused to get in his car seat, and I told him we couldn’t go through the car wash unless he climbed in. Finally, I lifted him myself (I try to do that as little as possible) and told him no car wash. It was the saddest thing ever. He screamed, “I’ll say Yes Ma’am!” all the way home. I fed him lunch, put him down for a nap, and nursed Logan. I changed Logan and lay him down, and crawled under my covers. “Piece of cake!” I thought. Then Logan fussed for the next three hours.

Christopher came home at 5:30 so I could go to “curriculum night” at the elementary school, 30 minutes of the administrators talking and 30 minutes with Gavin’s teacher. When I got home, the kids were fed and ready for bed. Around 8:30, I went to bed, too, and left Christopher in charge of Logan. At 12:15, I went downstairs and Logan was still asleep. I nursed him and we all went back to bed.

Wednesday was almost a repeat. I took Ben to the dentist in the morning. He did so well letting them check and clean his teeth. I like the dentist, she was nice and thorough and said I can let him have his pacifier as long as he wants. When I said, “Really, like as long as he wants?” she said, “Let him take it to the first day of kindergarten and I guarantee he’ll come home and give it to you for good.” And after the dentist, Ben climbed in his car seat like a big boy and we went through the car wash.

Wednesday was curriculum night for the older kids so I went back to the school to meet with Megan’s teacher. While Logan slept through the first curriculum night, he fussed through the second night. I nursed him in the hallway, and I thought I was listening to Megan’s teacher but the whole time I was hearing the teacher next door. I am thrilled with both their teachers. Gavin’s teacher is a 26-year veteran who runs her classroom like Captain von Trapp, pre Maria. Gavin thrives with structure, routine, and limits. Megan’s teacher is young and sweet and gives her students a lot of freedom, which is perfect for Megan. I’m excited for them both.

Today called for a day at home. Ben and I read and cleaned and took care of baby Logan. I got a one-hour nap, and now the big kids are home and it’s time for homework, dinner, and surviving the rest of the day.


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