The Weekend

Friday I visited with some friends, and had a great time. Ben got to see his buddies, and I got some adult conversation. People kept saying, “I can’t believe you are out and about already.” And then I came home and threw up. Apparently I need to slow down.

The best part about Friday was my cleaning girl came! Her name is Ashley, she’s a junior in high school, and she did a fabulous job. Ben followed her around the house and watched her the whole time. Normally I would have taken him somewhere but I was still feeling queasy, and she said she didn’t mind. He sat nearby as she mopped, vacuumed, and wiped down the bathrooms. She and her little sister also babysit, and I know their mom, who is great, so high five for new help!

Saturday I had promised Megan we could have some girl time, and this meant a trip to the craft store, where I promised she could pick out one thing–anything she wanted. Well, Megan had never stepped foot into a Michael’s before, and you should have seen her face light up. Seriously, this poor girl was sent to the wrong Mom because I just wanted to be home on the couch watching football, and sweet Megan walked up and down just about every aisle. “Look at all the paper/ribbon/glitter/beads!” she exclaimed. After about half an hour of marveling, I told her she had 10 minutes to pick something. She found another fashion design book, almost exactly like her other one but with new stencils and ideas. She loves her fashion design. We also stopped by the natural food store next door, because I wanted to walk through and compare prices. Probably comparable to Trader Joe’s, which is also in the same shopping center. Megan’s favorite part about PCC is free fruit for kids. So Megan picked a nectarine, they washed it for her, and she snacked as we browsed. We also made a quick stop to the consignment shop on the way home and I bought her two pairs of jeans and let her pick out some books.

We went home exhausted. Well, I was exhausted, Megan was excited. Logan was included with the girls, so I was wearing him the whole time, with one nursing stop in between Michael’s and PCC.

The boys were off doing the Costco trip, and haircuts. Yes, haircuts for all of them. It was time.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing. After dinner Carl came over and he and Christopher moved some furniture around. We have three bedrooms upstairs and one down, and we initially set up the downstairs room as an office. Christopher wasn’t using it, so it just became a room to throw random stuff in. We discovered that Ben sleeps longer with no one in his room, so we moved Gavin’s bunk bed downstairs. Ben slept until 7:45 this morning and 8:45 yesterday! Hopefully his six a.m. days are over for a while.


2 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. Maybe that's why I haven't been blessed with any girls. I'd much rather be watching football than at the craft store too! You are a good momma to indulge her.P.S. My word verification word is "slugable". Quite fitting, eh? Except I like to think that my pitching was NOT slugable. 🙂

  2. Yes, yes, yes for some help! I completely understand the whole "I don't understand Michaels" thing. I would much rather watch football than craft. Hopefully, Eliza will enjoy football as well and I won't feel too guilty about being unable to sew.

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