First Day Alone

Monday was my first day completely alone with the kids, and it went great, mainly because I didn’t try to do too much. It started out rough when I checked Megan’s Friday Folder, which I forgot to check on Friday. She had received a 50/80, or a D, for her homework last week. Her homework includes daily reading, a daily multiplication quiz, and a daily math worksheet, all of which have to be initialed by a parent. Megan reads for hours every day, finishes her multiplication quizzes in under two minutes and aces the math worksheets, but I only signed them when she asked. So… we’re working on that. Megan went off to the bus stop crying, but came home happy. It was a blustery day, so I made popcorn and hot chocolate for after-school snack, and I had pulled a big Tupperware of Brunswick Stew out of the freezer to simmer on the stove. As soon as snack was over, I made sure the kids did their homework and I signed everything that needed signing. Also, I decided to disconnect the internet while the kids are home and awake, just to avoid the distraction for me or them.

After homework, we played in the playroom, then did dinner, baths, and the bedtime routine. Now that everyone is sleeping in separate rooms, bedtime is much smoother. In fact, we have been waking Benjamin up in the morning. Gavin seems to like having his own space, as well. When I went to check on him last night, I found that he had changed into his clothes. He likes to sleep in his clothes to “save time in the morning.”

Logan is getting chubby, and I have spotted his first real smiles. I even captured one on camera. He’s still a little crankster, and sleeps a lot better during the day than he does at night. I know I should start letting him fuss a little (Babywise), as it would make my life a lot easier in the long run, but I just can’t do it, and bring him into bed with me more often than not.


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